About Our Meditation Center

We are the Irvine chapter of Heart Chan, a
501(c)3, non-profit organization established in 2013.

Relying on donations and run by volunteers, we use all proceeds to sustain our center and offer free programs.

If you have benefitted from our free classes, please consider paying forward by donating or becoming a member to help others access our transformative teachings.

​Our mission is to support our members and spread the teachings of Master Miaotian, the 85th generation Chan/Zen master, in Irvine and surrounding areas

These ancient teachings, from China and India, remain relevant in today's fast-paced and stressful world. 

Teaching through a Fully Enlightened Master

Heart Chan CEO and Head Instructor, Miaoming (Mark Troxell)

(Transcript narrated by Miaoming)
It's not really significantly profound or significantly different what we find within Heart Chan practice as opposed to what we may find bits and pieces we could cobble together from various other spiritual and religious practices.

What is really different is the fact that we have a living Shifu, a living enlightened master in our generation that comes
from an 85 generations of unbroken lineage.

Rather than trying to interpret ancient writings and how they might apply to our
current life situations or trying to extrapolate how the words or teachings
of some master from some past era might manifest itself in our current
life, we have a living Shifu that started out as just a normal individual
like the rest of us working his way through life.

[He] embraced this practice., felt this practice that touched his heart. He dedicated and disciplined himself to the
point of reaching full and complete enlightenment in this lifetime.

By having a living Shifu in this generation to guide us, the teaching is very fresh, very real and very
vibrant. It's something that you can experience, not think about or contemplate, read and research.

It's something that we can really actually feel.

It's all based on our own experience and that of an individual who went through a life very similar to ours,
faced the same challenges that we face in this day and age.
And through Heart Chan practice can find a way through.
Can find peace, happiness,  calmness regardless of situation and circumstance,
and to be able to find this true sustainable inner peace ​that lasts far beyond just this physical stuff.

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