Half Day Meditation in Torrance

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

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Once a month, we come together at the Torrance Center for a 3-hour session of serene meditation, delving deeper into our individual meditation practices through the power of collective meditation.

It is a profound opportunity for us to strengthen our dedication to meditation and depart from the center with a renewed sense of mental clarity, inner peace, and spiritual rejuvenation.

During our recent session, we were honored to host a special guest, Ching-Yun Hu (center), a highly acclaimed concert pianist in town for a performance at Cal State Northridge.

‚ÄčImpressed by the center's ambiance, she remarked, "The energy here is incredibly potent; it's truly a blessed environment for meditation." Ching-Yun eagerly anticipates joining us for our upcoming retreat in May.

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