Why Your Generosity Matters

For over four decades, our revered teacher, Master Miaotian, dedicated his life to spreading spiritual enlightenment worldwide, guiding countless individuals towards
inner wisdom, contentment, and compassion. 

Through the transformative practice of meditation,
we have witnessed profound changes in all aspects of our lives.

Now in his nineties, Master Miaotian's unwavering commitment serves as inspiration for us all.
As his students, we embrace his mission as our own, grateful for the invaluable lessons we have learned.

Your contribution not only supports our ongoing efforts but also plants seeds of positivity that will enrich the lives of others, fostering a cycle of benevolence that will undoubtedly bring abundant blessings back to you.

Regarding Your Generous Donation 

  • ​Your donation Is 100% tax deductible 
  • ​100% of the proceeds goes towards funding our programs.  We have no payroll.  Your donation help pays for our rental space and utilities
  • ​You will be emailed a receipt with our tax ID for each donation. A​ year end statement will also be sent every January for prior year donations
  • ​You can provide a one time or monthly recurring donations ​ 
  • ​For your convenience, you can donate via PayPal using credit card or debit card. For Zelle or Venmo, please contact us
  • ​If you attend a local center, you can also donate via check (payable to "Heart Chan" or cash

Please indicate "Irvine Center" in memo so our headquarter will credit funds to our center

Our Mission

We are spiritual beings living challenging human lives in turbulent times

Through deep meditation into a state of stillness,
Shakyamuni Buddha, a human being,
discovered the path to overcoming human suffering. 

He became enlightened and dedicated the rest of his life to provide a guided path to those following his teaching
to live a life of contentment and joy.

Generations of masters continue to pass on Buddha's teaching through the energetic connections of the heart to practitioners,
"without any spoken words"

The 85th generation master, Master Miaotian, carry Buddha's dream of a heaven on earth when all human beings incorporate meditation into their lives.

Join us in spreading positivity through meditation and witness the profound impact it can have on your well-being
and those around you.

We invite you to join our movement and witness the change in your own life. 

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