Our Instructors

Miaoming (Mark Troxell)

Miaoming is the spiritual leader and CEO of Heart Chan in the United States. Heart Chan is a global spiritual organization that shares the ancient teachings and practice of Chan meditation. Based outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Miaoming oversees Heart Chan's activities, which include year-round retreats, workshops, teacher trainings and unique programs offered at centers around the country.

With more than 40 years of extensive practice in various disciplines, Miaoming brings deep knowledge and experience in Chan (Zen) meditation, Martial Arts, Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine. 

Miaoming holds a master’s degree in theology from University of Indiana and a doctorate degree from Indiana College of Oriental Medicine. He is originally from a small town in Western Pennsylvania and was raised Catholic. He lives at the Heart Chan Georgia retreat center with his wife and has three sons, two daughters and one granddaughter.

Guangming (Zhen Yao)

Guangming is the CEO and Lead Instructor of Buddhaland on Earth's US  organization based in Torrance, CA. 
Born and raised in mainland China, Guangming always held an immense interest in Spirituality. A small casual step he took out of curiosity in joining the Chan Club at the University of Southern California during the fall of 2005 turned out to be the beginning of his life-changing journey in Chan. He met the 85th Chan Patriarch Wujue Miaotian in person in 2007 at the Shaolin Temple (birthplace of Chinese Chan/Zen) and later took refuge in and was ordained with the dharma name “Juemiao Guangming” by the Chan Master in October of 2012.

Guangming holds a PhD degree in Computer Science and works for Google as a software engineer continues to offer Zen meditation classes regularly at Google for other employees. 

Beili Sun (Head Taichi & Qigong Instructor)

Beili is the head instructor for our Taichi and Qigong programs.
​She has decades of experience in Taichi.

Miaolian (Donna Feng)

Miaolian is Irvine Center's Lead Instructor with over 16 years of experience in Chan/Zen meditation 

Christina Leo (also Center Manager) 

Christina is Irvine Center's manager and also lead instructor
​for our English meditation programs. She owns a small business and has been practicing Chan/Zen meditation for 11 years

Charlotte Liu

Charlotte is an instructor for our online program.  She finds herself able to stay calm and find peace throughout her hectic schedule in the airline industry, thanks to 32 years of Chan/Zen meditation practice

Kaiwei Zhao

Kai-Wei Zhao is currently a visiting assistant professor at University of Notre Dame's Math Department. He is a dedicated practitioner of Chan/Zen meditation for 16 years and is currently an instructor for Irvine Center's online program.

Caroline Lin 

About 10 years into her practice, she was still doubtful about the witnesses that other Chan/Zen practitioners shared because she did not have her own witness even though she felt chi energy when focusing on her chakra. However, Caroline said, "When one day, I witnessed light and electricity that Shifu (Master) said, I felt that my life is impermanent whereas the happiness I gained through meditation can be sustained." "Through daily meditation, my heart is gently messaged by energy. Heart Chan practice is different because it is not just a meditation slogan but something you can truly witness yourself. "
Caroline has practiced Chan/Zen meditation for over 20 years. She is an instructor for our online program.

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