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All classes are included (subject to space availability)
​Access to one on one with instructors (by appointment only)
​Borrow from our library of books
​Participate in member only events such as retreats
​Opportunity to receive training to become an instructor

Benefits to You

  • ​​Engage in a continuous meditation journey that extends beyond introductory or intermediate classes, marking just the beginning of your exploration and growth
  • ​Embrace Meditation as a lifelong practice, guiding you through life's challenges
  • Cultivate a daily habit that brings peace and fulfillment
  • Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals on the path to inner growth
  • ​Your membership supports our movement and allows you to contribute to the cycle of positive energy and karma
  • Our Center is your spiritual haven, a place where you can find comfort, guidance, and community on your path to inner peace and growth
  • ​Your membership fee is a donation to support our program and is 100% tax deductible

Why Membership System

  • ​To support all of our programs as a non-profit organization
  • ​Membership fees help cover space rental and operating costs
  • ​We have no payroll. Our ​trained teachers and program coordinators are volunteers to minimize our expenses
  • To s​upport costs when conducting free classes and workshops for Irvine and surrounding cities at community centers and events
  • To support our goal to expand reach through increased membership
  • ​We provide transparent financial ​transactions and monthly updates to members

Terms & Conditions