Our Movement

We are spiritual beings living challenging human lives in turbulent times

Through deep meditation into a state of stillness,
Shakyamuni Buddha, a human being,
discovered the path to overcoming human suffering. 

He became enlightened and dedicated the rest of his life to provide a guided path to those following his teaching
to live a life of contentment and joy.

Generations of masters continue to pass on Buddha's teaching through the energetic connections of the heart to practitioners,
"without any spoken words"

The 85th generation master, Master Miaotian, carry Buddha's dream of a heaven on earth when all human beings incorporate meditation into their lives.

Join us in spreading positivity through meditation and witness the profound impact it can have on your well-being
and those around you.

We invite you to join our movement and witness the change in your own life. 

Our Strategy

We offer classes, group meditations, and retreats to:

Strengthen Your Body

  • Protect our body that houses our everlasting inner spirit
  • ​Cultivate a resilient, flexible, and healthy body​
  • ​Channel the life force, chi, to enhance vitality within
  • ​Strengthen immunity and ward off illness
  • ​Prepare the body for stillness
  • ​​Extend life span for greater opportunity to evolve our spiritual self

Strengthen Focus & "Lose" Your Mind

  • ​Cultivate focus and reduce ​wandering thoughts
  • ​Embrace the present and silence the mind​
  • ​Achieve deep relaxation and reach profound ​stillness ​
  • ​Witness the inner purity and inner light  
  • ​Discover​ peace and joy
  • ​Connect with your innate wisdom

Our Supporting Organizations

Heart Chan

  • US headquarter led by Miaoming
  • ​Located in Elijay, GA (an hour from Atlanta)
  • ​Retreat program (groups or individuals) throughout the year
  • ​Focus on sharing/teaching meditation/qigong practices 
  • ​Provides training program for teacher certifications
  • ​Non-religious and non-denominational​

Buddhaland On Earth (BOE)

  • ​US BOE headquarter led by Guangming
  • ​Located in Torrance, CA (Southern)​
  • ​Monthly half/full day meditation sessions 
  • ​Twice a year group retreats
  • ​Focus on education and wellness programs for the community
  • ​Develop solutions to u​nite religious and political leaders for world peace

Heart Chan National

Sacred Light Mountain Retreat Center
​987 Shenendoa, Elijay, GA 30540

Our Sister Centers

BOE Torrance Center

2441 W. 205th St, Suite C200A, Torrance, CA 90501
​Manager: Yaling Huang yalingh@heartchan.org

Fullerton Center

2441 W. 205th St, Suite C200A, Torrance, CA 90501
​Manager: Viki Chao vikic@heartchan.org

San Jose Center

246 S. Hillview Dr. Milpitas, CA 95035
​Manager: Evie Liu evieliu@heartchan.org

Monterey Center

494-G Alvarado St. Monterey, CA 93940
​Manager: Melanie Harris monterey.chan@gmail.com

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